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Congenital cataract, known as developmental cataracts, is a disease much in the existing before and after birth, much as the static type, associated with genetic diseases. And there are endogenous and exogenous of Congenital cataract, and endogenous rendering is associated with fetal development obstacle, while exogenous is maternal or fetal body lesions caused by damage to the lens. Mygenostics designed the specific gene acquisition scheme for eyes diseases to detect the genes mutations, combined with a new generation of high-throughput sequencing technology and advanced bioinformatics analysis to provide a reliable basis for early diagnosis of diseases according to the individual gene mutation.

Department of cataract  panel covers 12 major categories of genetic diseases
1 Cataract
2 Many type of cataract
3 Warburg Micro syndrome
4 Zellweger syndrome
5 Marshall syndrome
6 Cerebral small vessel disease with or without ocular abnormalities
7 Snowflake vitreous degeneration
8 Juvenile cataract with small corneal and diabetes
9 Delayed corneal dystrophy cataract
10 Primary congenital absence of the lens
11 Galactose cataract
12 GLUT1 deficiency syndrome