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Dermal system

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      Dermal system is one of the 11 major functions of the human body systems, which is made up of skin, surrounded by the outer surface of the body. It can protect the body from foreign matter, and maintain the stability of internal environment.

     MyGenostics design the specific polygenic capture scheme for dermal system diseases, combined with a new generation of high-throughput sequencing technology, and use the advanced bioinformatics and authoritative disease database to analysis the specific genetic mutations of patient. It provides a scientific basis for early prevention, clinical diagnosis and risk assessment.

List some common diseases and mutation genotype
1 Dermal Diseases
2 Ichthyosis Vulgaris
3 Keratosis Follicularis Spinulosa Decalvans
4 Oculocutaneous Albimism
5 Epidermolysis Bullosa
6 Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome