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Cardiovascular system

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    Hereditary cardiovascular panel is combined the target area capture technology with a new generation of high-throughput sequencing technology, to detect and analysis the related genes of client's hereditary cardiovascular disease. And in the meantime, it can be in early screening of patients with cardiovascular disease, as well as to realize individualized medication and specificity of gene therapy to provide important basis for patients through combining with the history, clinical manifestation and information.

   A variety of inherited genetic testing products of cardiovascular diseases
1 Congenital Q -t interphase extend syndrome
2 Short Q -t syndrome
3 Brugada syndrome
4 Catecholamine sensitivity ventricular tachycardia
5 Loeys-Dietz syndrome
6 Familial paroxysmal ventricular fibrillation
7 Tetralogy of Fallot
8 Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome
9 Heritability of coronary artery disease
10 Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
11 Other cardiovascular diseases