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    According to classification of immune system diseases of the 2014 International Federation of immunology, the immune system diseases were divided into ten categories. MyGenostics design the specific gene acquisition scheme for each immune system disease, combined with a new generation of high-throughput sequencing technology and the advanced bioinformatics to analysis the specific genetic region of immune deficiency. And it can provide a reliable basis for patients which suffer from early screening of immune system disease.

Panel-2 Combined immunodeficiencies generally less profound than severe combined immunodeficiency
1 CD40 ligand deficiency
2 CD40 deficiency
3 Purine nucleoside phosphorylase(PNP) deficiency
4 CD3γ deficiency
5 CD8 deficiency
6 ZAP70 deficiency
7 MHC class I deficiency
8 MHC class II deficiency
9 ITK deficiency
10 SH2D1A(XLP1) deficiency
11 DOCK8 deficiency
12 RhoH deficiency
13 MST1 deficiency
14 LCK deficiency
15 MALT1 deficiency
16 IL-21R deficiency
17 UNC119 deficiency
18 CARD11 deficiency
19 OX40 deficiency
20 IKBKB deficiency
21 Activated PI3K-δ
22 LRBA deficiency
23 CD27 deficiency
24 Omenn syndrome