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    Mental retardation (MR), also known as mental retardation, generally refers to organic brain damage or suffer a brain disorder resulting in incomplete development of continuing obstacles to raise activities as well as the entire mental activity. Due to genetic variation, infection, poisoning, head injuries, brain malformations harmful factors or endocrine abnormalities it does not develop normally or not fully developed for fetal or infant brain, so that the development of intellectual activity stays at a relatively low stage called mental retardation. Genetic testing of Mental retardation is to use the target area capture technology and high-throughput sequencing technology, to detect and analysis the related genes of client's Mental retardation. And in the meantime, it can be in early screening of patients with Mental retardation, as well as to realize individualized medication and specificity of gene therapy to provide important basis for patients through combining with the history, clinical manifestation and information. Mygenostics is aimed to detect and analysis multiple subtypes of Mental retardation by hand in hand with clinical experts, combined with a new generation of high-throughput sequencing technology and bioinformatics analysis, to provide reliable basis for early diagnosis of Mental retardation patients.

Mental retardation panel covers the five categories of hundreds of subtypes of intellectual disabilities related diseases, the scope contains all the genes encoding exons zone and shear zone
1 Intellectual disabilities associated CNV regions
2 X-linked mental retardation
3 Metabolism related intellectual disabilities
4 Autosomal retarded
5 82 kinds of subtypes of disease
6 93 kinds of subtypes of disease
7 98 kinds of subtypes of disease
8 10 kinds of subtypes of disease
9 14 kinds of subtypes of disease